okinawa / ii

our second day in okinawa was spent in naha, the capital city. one of the really special things about naha is that unlike many other capital cities in many other countries, this capital city is probably one of the least busy and least populated i have ever been to. i took so many photos of streets + alleys and i didn't have to duck left and right and wait impatiently for people to pass by so i could take just one decent picture without seven heads being in the photo as well. i'm not the biggest fan of huge crowds and human beings in general, so the virtual lack of people in naha makes me one very happy tourist.

after shopping along this really, really long street, we went to junkudo, this bookstore nearby, and it was heavenly. there was an entire shelf dedicated to batman comics, but they were all in japanese, and i was rather disappointed that they didn't have any in english.

BUT i bought stuff nevertheless; two notebooks (the paper feels like the wings of an angel. japanese stationery was - i'm not joking - the main thing i looked forward to prior to this trip), the colour purple by alice walker, inferno by dante, gone girl by gillian flynn, and i am a cat (吾輩は猫である) by soseki natsume.

till next time,


okinawa / i

first day here and i'm already in love with okinawa. i love the food, the people (or lack thereof), the weather, the language.

but mostly i love the cars (more on that later).

having arrived last night, we set out today to ryukyu mura, a "must-see destination for all tourists in okinawa", according to my parents. it was beautiful, and oddly enough, there were particular parts that reminded me of malaysia, of home. i think perhaps it's the abundance of greenery. lord knows i don't get much of that living in suzhou, so even the slightest green makes me homesick.

anyways, i ramble.

here are some photos from ryukyu mura:

i'm definitely moving to okinawa when i retire.

till next time,