big bang - made world tour

on july 24 i saw big bang live in kuala lumpur and it was a beautiful night.

i have been waiting for a really long time (3 years) to see them in concert and i've always missed it because if they were going to china, i wouldn't be in the country, and it was the same with if they were in malaysia. but when i found out that i'd be in malaysia at the same time as them i freaked out and just had to buy tickets (much to the sadness of my dad and his wallet).

i watched it alone, so it was a different experience from the three previous concerts i've attended before with my friends. yet it wasn't just the fact that i was by myself that made it a different experience - big bang's stage presence is unlike any other. i love how they alter their songs to make it different from the original, track version. i love how colourful their set is. i love their energy, the vibe they give off. it's indescribable.

daesung is adorable.

the section where i was seated was actually pretty decent, and i'm really happy with how my photos turned out. but when they would come over by the side-stage-thing, the people in  the first row of my section were the luckiest, as they were on the same level as the band memebers and could make eye contact with them (!!!)

after the concert the taxis started charging us (parents + i) crazy prices for a not-so-long ride home, and a girl and a guy who were together approached us, asking if we wanted to split a cab. naturally, we said yes as we were desperate to escape the liverpool crowds (there was a liverpool game happening in the arena just beside us). the girl was in the rock zone during the concert, and were crazy close to big bang, and she airdropped me a whole bunch of g-dragon photos (because we both love him very much). we fangirled over the concert and the band and had some pretty interesting conversations and it was really nice to be able to bond with a stranger over a mutual love for five korean guys.


it was the best night of my life. and i'm not exaggerating when i say that.

over and out,

also, i apologise profusely for that horrendous, lopsided layout above. i'm a nightmare with html (meaning: i don't understand jack about it) and i do not know how to solve this problem so bear with me.


london '15

i came back from london yesterday morning after a wonderful ten days in the city. i visited london three summers ago, during the summer of the london olympics, and i fell in love with the city. flash forward three years later and a second trip, and i've fallen even more in love with it. i love the little things: how it's normal to talk to strangers, how they hold the door open for you, how there's no shoving or pushing regardless of how busy the streets are. i love the eclectic atmosphere, the buildings, the food, even the extreme squeezing in the tube with countless business people returning home from work.

on a train from london to cambridge.

queued five hours in the sun for wimbledon to watch one game: wawrinka vs. estrella-burgos. it was too quick, but an intense game nonetheless.

then a visit to the ucl open day, where i found out it was the only place i wanted to spend my three years after graduation.

all photos taken on my iphone 6.

over and out,