london '15

i came back from london yesterday morning after a wonderful ten days in the city. i visited london three summers ago, during the summer of the london olympics, and i fell in love with the city. flash forward three years later and a second trip, and i've fallen even more in love with it. i love the little things: how it's normal to talk to strangers, how they hold the door open for you, how there's no shoving or pushing regardless of how busy the streets are. i love the eclectic atmosphere, the buildings, the food, even the extreme squeezing in the tube with countless business people returning home from work.

on a train from london to cambridge.

queued five hours in the sun for wimbledon to watch one game: wawrinka vs. estrella-burgos. it was too quick, but an intense game nonetheless.

then a visit to the ucl open day, where i found out it was the only place i wanted to spend my three years after graduation.

all photos taken on my iphone 6.

over and out,


  1. wish i had the chance to visit london!

    1. it's a beautiful city with beautiful people! if you ever do have the chance don't hesitate to go!

      alexius. xx

  2. Wow, London looks gorgeous!! Great pictures :)

    The Style Roll

  3. Ahh I'd love to visit London or even study there or something! As a huuuuge London fan I can only say that this post is great! xx



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