first post

first blog post ever. i actually have no idea what to write. perhaps i should introduce myself? that would probably be best.

i am not very extraordinary. at aged sixteen, i am an avid film watcher, music listener, water drinker, and book collector. i sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) talk to myself, and i fangirl over many a thing.

i am (currently) obsessed with...

- television: game of thrones, sherlock, the mentalist, teen wolf, and so much more.
- films: catching fire, love actually, warm bodies, never let me go, and so much more.
- music: one direction, daughter, the 1975, beach house, one night only, the neighbourhood, and so, so much more.

oh, and i also swear too much. i probably shouldn't, but i do.

xx alexius.

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