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well, it's pretty darn obvious; winter really is gone, which means no more bus rides spent looking out the window at grey skies and pretending i'm in an indie music video. no more oversized sweaters and warm, cozy rooms.

needless to say, i'm pretty sad about that.

so in a meagre attempt to make myself less sad, i created this moodboard, inspired by the colours and images i associate with winter.

clockwise from top left: i / ii / iii / iv / v / vi / vii


recently, i've become quite infatuated with a number of things:

music / video -

there's not much to say about this. if you haven't watched it, watch it. but basically, the moral of the story is that matt healy should not be allowed to be this perfect.

photography -

i discovered carissa gallo's tumblr a few days ago and was absolutely mesmerised by her photography. i'd seen some of her work in kinfolk before, but had never known her actual name (i know, i know). she is one half of seachant & co., and together with andrew gallo, she has created some of the most beautiful films i have ever seen.

go check out her portfolio if you like pretty pictures.

other -
i have been staring at this picture for an unhealthily long amount of time because leonardo dicaprio.

till next time,

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  1. Love it, good music and I'm going to check that photographer ;)


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