photography withdrawal symptoms

it's pretty cool how absence really does make the heart fonder.

i lost my canon eos 550d about a month ago on a school trip to new york. i left it in the hotel lobby and, 10 minutes later, realised it was not in my hands and frantically ran back. of course, new york being new york, my camera was gone, and all my 20 gb's worth of footage gone with it.

i've been without a camera for exactly 48 days now, and with a broken camera on my ipod touch and a rubbish camera on my sony xperia, i haven't taken any photographs at all during these 48 days.

and i miss taking photographs.

prior to that new york trip i kept telling myself that i should update this blog because the lack of posts make it look really sad, but i couldn't get myself to physically step outside the house to take photographs because a) i am a lazy bum and b) it's not very pretty, where i live.

now i have no way to take photographs, and i feel weirdly isolated from the things that happen around me. it's beginning to physically hurt when i see beautiful things and i'm not able to take photos of it. recently, there have been beautiful sunsets (which is a real rarity here), and i instinctively reach for my camera but grasp air because i don't have a camera anymore. i saw a man walk by me yesterday wearing a red plaid polo shirt with blue-and-white striped pyjama pants and i wanted to take a photograph of him but i couldn't, because i don't have a camera anymore.

doesn't it suck, how you only miss things when they're gone?

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