the cars of okinawa

so i'd been wanting to do a post on the cars i saw in okinawa ever since the day i arrived there, but here i am writing this post weeks after i've come back because i am a master procrastinator.

i don't know if the cars are all like this in japan, or if it's just more prominent in okinawa, but seeing as how i went to tokyo when i was 7 and don't really remember much of it (so i can't compare), i'll just assume it's more of an okinawan thing to have adorable cars until someone tells me otherwise.

bear in mind, many of these were taken really hastily because my reflexes are not faster than a moving car, so forgive the weird composition and angles of some of these photos.

till next time,

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  1. i think these photos are flawless! not even counted as the slightest bit of "bad"
    after this post i think i know why you want to move to okinawa after retirement! haha



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