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i like pink. there's something about the colour that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. it is summer nights and cotton candy sunsets and anxiety-free days. it is the feeling of being drunk on happiness and the sound of laughter. i think these are things everybody needs to enjoy, and for me, the colour pink represents all of these. which is why it irks me to the max when people scoff and say that pink is just for girls – apparently in our society today, colours have gender. but that's a whole other issue. i'll leave it alone for now.


below is a compilation of some things i've been obsessed with this past january:

films –


i watched brooklyn only a few days ago and the thing i liked most about the film was the soundtrack. i don't even know why, but in the end, when the credits began to roll, the orchestra that was playing sounded so beautiful and it worked so well with the cinematography of the film that i was just hit in the feels. it wrapped up the whole thing so perfectly.

also, domhnall glesson looked hella fine in the movie. 


this film isn't new (it came out in 2014), but that doesn't stop me from including it in this list of current obsessions. nightcrawler is pure genius – jake gyllenhaal pulls off a brilliant performance (which i think has been completely overlooked) and the cinematography works in tandem with jake's transformation to give off this Really Creepy Vibe. it's intense. really intense. but that's why i love it.

music –

winner released a single on january 11 and i love it to bits. the fact that it's written by mino and that mino actually god damn sings in this song makes it 1025 times better. 

people –

amandla stenberg in teen vogue. need i say more?

and a quote by her that really resonates with me:
"here i am being myself and it's definitely hard and vulnerable and it's definitely a process, but i'm learning and i'm growing."

that's all for this post.

over and out,

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