hin bus depot garage sale

last saturday i went to a garage sale at hin bus depot in georgetown. the place used to be a bus depot (as the name very clearly suggests), but it has recently been renovated into a creative space, with art exhibitions and murals everywhere.

i brought my pentax to the garage sale because even after 6 failed attempts at film, i was still obstinately refusing to admit that maybe i'm just not good at it. this roll turned out to be my first successfully developed roll, after three completely blank ones (as they had gotten stuck in my camera) and three that looked like they'd been bathed in piss – they were horrendously yellow – by the studio that developed / ruined them. however, i'm still not wholly pleased with the results. there was a sort of greenish, yellowish tint in all of the pictures, and i ended up having to tweak the temperature on lightroom, which is bollocks, since part of the reason why i wanted to shoot in film was because there's no need for any editing. i tried, but some of the colours are still a bit weird.

nevertheless, i hope they're decent enough.

an installation from the kayu exhibition.

the mural on the right is by a lithuanian artist called ernest zacharevic, who is behind many of the beautiful murals that dot the alleyways of georgetown, including the 'boy on motorcycle' and 'children on bicycle'. the painting of the boy was by far my favourite mural at hin bus depot.

the run amok gallery was housing the minorities: report "Cambodia" exhibition by pein cheong lee.
despite the fact that i don't drink coffee, i love visiting cafés. there's something about the murmuring chatter of background voices and the smell of sugar and coffee and cosy interior designs that just make me a very happy gal. the bricklin café bar is right next to hin bus depot, so if you want to relax (or hide from the rain, like i did), just pop in there.

i've never been to a garage sale or a thrift shop before, but i've always wanted to buy secondhand gear because i find that worn clothes have a sort of timeless beauty to it, hidden in scuffed sleeve edges and patches of fuzz ball. i bought a wicked green men's jacket from this guy with the absolute best fashion taste and the absolute best clothing choices of all the stalls at the garage sale. my mum didn't really approve of my purchase (it's an asian thing – read point #5 of this link), but i adore it anyways.
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  1. These mural paintings are great. Seeing works of art in places like this gives off a more "intimate" feel (b/w art and people) than seeing art in museums which (in my opinion)gives you a feeling of "You're not suppose to touch me. I'm for your eyes only." :)


    1. that's very true!! i am quite intimidated by museums sometimes, and that detracts from my whole experience of the artworks.

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